Just enter your text, press Hash button, and you get bcrypted hash



Test your Bcrypt hash against some plain text, to see if they match.

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Online Bcrypt Hash Generator and Checker

According to wikipedia, bcrypt is a password hashing algorithm developed by David Mazières and Niels Provos, based on the Blowfish cipher. Bcrypt make use of adaptive hash function to store password hash. BCrypt internally return a random salt while encoding strings and it is obvious to get different encoded hashes for the same test. But one common thing in every hash is that every time it generates a string with length of 60.

Usage Guide - Bcrypt Generator

For bcrypt hash encryption, first enter the plain string/text that you want to encode. It can be any number or plain text. Now select the salt rounds from bottom field. Rounds is for cost factor and cost factor is directly propotional to amount of time that required to calculate a BCrypt hash. Now you can click on Hash button to generate bcrypt hash online for text that you have entered in form.

Similarly, to check a hashed password you need to enter the hashed password and the string to match with. By doing this tool will compare the both given inputs and show result whether the hashed password and string matched or not.